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Our Approach

Device First

Gone are those days, where you need a massive infrastructure to run your practice management suite. It's the days of handheld devices. We predominantly focus on delivering our services as Mobile or Tablet based applications.

Clinical Information

As an old saying goes 'The presence of the doctor is the beginning of the cure.' A doctor cannot be present everywhere, but their treatment can! We ensure doctors have access to patient information real-time to treat even the remotest patient.

Every Cent Counts

Our offerings, mostly, follow the service-based approach, there is no need to spend on massive infrastructure. We take care of it!

Our Products

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Digiprez Doctor.

Digiprez for doctors is designed to qualitatively change the medical practice by digitizing medical services and making the practice more efficient, cost-effective while bringing the services closer to the patients, ensures secure access to protect patient information. Help physicians with efficient, greener and affordable medical practice and empower patients by providing transparency in the process.

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Digiprez OPTIMA for patients is a gateway to improving engagement with healthcare providers. The patients have the benefit of storing and sharing their medical records with the doctor of their choice. OPTIMA intelligently reminds the patients about medications along with the dosage at specific times. Knowing the availability of the doctor before visiting helps the patients to manage the time better. The complete medical history is available at one point location, securely stored with the highest level of encryption.

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We are pleased to share that; we have the patent approved for our innovative “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR AUTOMATICALLY GENERATING DIGITAL MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION” vide patent number 307844 by Indian Patent Office on 22nd of February 2019.
  • Innovation
    Easy to generate and Perfectly Aligned letterhead for a medical prescription. All through any mobile or handheld device! No additional infrastructure needed.
  • Unique
    The customizable template allows one size fits for all model or even better use the digitized form of the existing prescription of the doctor.
  • Novel
    The input received from the doctor is intelligently converted into aligned sentences to form a near perfect prescription.
  • Secure
    The invention enables the doctors to authenticate the medicine details with their signature. The prescription is finalized and sent only when the doctor affixes the signature.


    Key to diagnosis is history. The availability of the same in Digiprez increases the effectiveness of the treatment and improve the curability ratio.
    The insightful reports provided in-app enables the doctor to provide conscientious, explicit and judicial care to the patients.
    Proprietary machine learning algorithm predicting / forecasting disease outbreak helps the doctors on clinical decision making.
    The QR code based prescription verification ensures tamper proof prescriptions. Multi-layer security is enforced to ensure privacy.

About us

Inspire & Innovate

With a consolidated team experience of 30+ years in Technology and Healthcare industry, we believe there is a lot more that is to accomplish at the primary and secondary healthcare. Our focus is to leverage technological advancements to enable physicians in providing better, faster and accurate care. Our motto is to Inspire change in the health care practice, through Innovative adaptation of technology.